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Before buying, you need to list a fifa player you don't want and provide us with the details of the player, once we receive your order, Mmogavip will purchase that player and you will receive FUT 18 Coins via the Transfer Market of the game. For this purpose, fill the follow informations: FUT Name, Player Name, Player Position, Player Nation, Player Quality, Player Rating Etc.

You can also follow the guiding image we created to list your player on Transfer makert, note that if the informations of your player we found is not matching with your order might causing delay of delivering.

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Introducing the New Mode of FIFA18 World Cup What is New in the World Cup?

Introducing the New Mode of FIFA18 World Cup What is New in the World Cup?

What model has been added to the FIFA18 World Cup? A lot of friends may not be clear, heres an introduction to the FIFA18 World Cup new model for everyone. Interested friends can take a look!

2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM

Enjoy the carnival in the classic football competition, just like the real events that will be staged. Operate 32 national finalists to experience the real contest process from group match to Moscow final.

Custom FIFA World CupTM Event

This is an opportunity to rewrite history. You can use any national team to enjoy your customized World Cup event in FIFA 18. You can use any of the authorized FIFA 18 national teams, including Italy, the United States, the Netherlands, and Chile, to create your contest draw to make your FIFA World Cup dream come true.

FIFA World CupTM starts

Use official teams, players, and jerseys to match the actual stadium and atmosphere of the FIFA World Cup and play off-line singles matches or match against friends.

Introducing the New Mode of FIFA18 World Cup What is New in the World Cup?

FIFA World CupTM Ultimate Team

Enjoy the most popular mode of FIFA through the brand new exciting FIFA World CupTM Ultimate Team experience. Build your fantasy national team with 32 star players who are shortlisted for the national team and legendary FIFA World CupTM superstars.

Introducing the New Mode of FIFA18 World Cup What is New in the World Cup?

New superstars: The FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team will bring some classic stars who once played in the World Cup.

Tacit understanding system: link your favorite national team players; when forming teams and organizing lineups, nationality and league replaced clubs and leagues, becoming the most important element in establishing tacit understanding.

FIFA World CupTM Player Pool: Provides the latest lineup and latest player rating for each national team. [RA1] allows you to organize your dream team in the national team.

Dynamic items: These items are linked to the players performance in the real world. Once the player has outstanding performance on the game day, the players value will increase, and these items will also be updated to ensure that the player can keep abreast of the development of real-world events and for the game. Infused with freshness.

Double Package Discount: Purchase each set of standard or advanced package at the FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team and get a package of equal value on the FUT 18.

Ultimate Team game mode: Make your fantasy national team shine through several exciting exciting game modes.

Single player and online tournament

Single mode recruitment and online recruitment

Build a team challenge

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