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Latest Neverwinter Patch Notes have been Released

The latest patch for Neverwinter is live, and so are the patch notes. Patch NW.85.20170808a.17 is quite big, and it brings a lot of changes to the overall content, environment, events, and more.

Let's start things off with changes made to the Chult area. The bug that made players get stuck if they disconnect or change maps during the "Continue through the Chultan Jungle" objective was fixed. The "House of the Crocodile" quest shouldn't get stuck as much, and the"Gather your party" circle in the fight against Ras Nsi should work properly now.

Templars that you save in "Templar Rescue" should no longer stutter when running. Also, the suggested item level for Soshenstar River has been reduced from 12k to 10k.

Next up we have changes to Port Nyanzaru. Mounted guards no longer hold any grudges against training dummies so they won't attack them anymore. The issue where players get stuck between the entry door and invisible collision has now been resolved. Some changes have also been made to the Tomb of the Nine Gods. Pulling the Avatar of Orcus out of its arena will reset it. The loot drop rate for Ras Nsi was also fixed, as it appears that this boss sometimes didn't drop any loot in the instances of high lag, but there are still reports of seal drops being inconsistent.

Lastly, we will go over the class changes. Devoted Cleric's spells that didn't apply their Empowered bonuses (Break the Spirit, Forgemaster's Flame, Sun Burst, and Warding Flare) should apply them correctly now. Also, casting Exaltation and Divine Glow on high-Deflect targets should no longer cause players to lose half of their expected Action Point gain. The other class that received changes is Scourge Warlock. His Aura of Despair shouldn't cause invalid deflections, his Soul Puppets won't disappear as soon as they get summoned, and his Warlock's Bargain shouldn't cause infinite damage loops anymore.

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